SEO Hosting and The Importance of C Class IP Blocks

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Published: 26th November 2010
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The era of Pagerank is not dead and link reputation nevertheless counts in the direction of the general ranking of a website in any business vertical. Long tail of search still gets driven from on-web page optimization but for most of the traffic bearing terms, search engines hardly go in for the text databases.

From a search engine perspective, relevancy and efficiency are the two most critical factors to consider and if for a provided query, search engines can locate fair quantity of documents by just analyzing the url profile, they won't go deep sufficient to do a textual content evaluation.

When it is so essential to get backlinks, website owners and SEOs attempt and maximize the worth that any area beneath their control has to supply. This is achieved by interlinking all the domains collectively or by linking all the auxiliary domains to 1 solitary most important domain. Previously, it was achievable to get previous this as a SEO method but since then Google and other search engines have become extremely vigilant for any indicators of common ownership.

This has also negatively affected a good deal of naïve, unknowing company homeowners, who for the sake of simplicity of account management preserve all their internet sites with a single sponsor. It is apparent to interlink these web sites as there may be a real requirement, but this displeases the search engines.

What is a C Class IP Address?

The best way to avoid any bans or penalties is to sponsor your internet site on different C class IPs. Do not confuse separate C class with a dedicated hosting account, they are different. C class refers to the third octet in an IP address. For instance, 192.168.nine.12. 9 right here represent the third octet and is a C class. Typically, internet hosting companies sponsor multiple web sites on the exact same C class IP and this is exactly where the entertaining starts.

Yahoo can simply detect the IP address of a website and if all your online properties are hosted on the identical C class, the interlinking involving these internet sites would just not be ignored but chances are that Yahoo and google may well even penalize your domains for this "incorrect linking manipulation".

How to Get Optimum Advantage out of your Web sites with out Burning Them?

As said above, the most secure bet is to use diverse hosting service companies or use a verified "SEO hosting" supplier like Considered Mechanics. A SEO host is an business parlance which refers to a net hosting company that would enable you to number multiple domains on diverse C class IP addresses. This is much better than diversifying your hosting service provider portfolio as:

one. It is less complicated to handle every little thing with a single sponsor.

2. Hosting with multiple service companies may possibly lead to a good deal of communication which can become noisy at occasions.

Also necessary is to assessment the technique of your SEO company for increasing the rankings of your web site. Are they creating domains that interlink? If yes, what are the IP addresses corresponding to these domains? If you do not examine these points out, it may actually affect you adversely a great deal a lot more than it assists you in the shorter run.

SEO hosting is an crucial concept and it is usually greater to go with a sponsor who understands SEO and the impact of improper interlinking. Once you get a proper SEO number, you are totally free to employ the benefit of your domains by cross referencing and interlinking.

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